Campaigner Clinic

An unprecedented training series from WSB Head Coach, Xuan Nguyen, and the WSB Leadership!

Come out with the confidence and know-how of learning how to recruit-to-build and sell-to-build. Formulate a tactical and strategic plan for your 2023 goals!

And best of all? It's open to everyone - even non-members can be part of this exciting series and utilize the financial literacy campaign to help people.



Qualify for GX1? For a limited time, GX1 shirts will be available for discounted purchase at Campaigner Clinic locations. Style and size are subject to availability.

GX1 qualifiers in the month of February will be invited to a special VIP party at G23!

G23 in Fort Worth, TX kicks off w/ a special VIP party prior to the Awards Ceremony, and GX1 qualifiers are invited. If you qualify for GX1 in Feb 2023, keep an eye out for a special invitation!