WSB Green Jacket


More than a well-earned achievement.

It is the product of teamwork. It's the result of when campaigners work together to help families, provide solutions, and onboard new members to embark on a journey to change lives. When a team reaches WSB Green Jacket, it's an example of how to build a big business, and where team building begins.

The WSB Green Jacket is the benchmark of our system and represents the leadership of WSB.

A life-changing 90-day run:

With the system, you can build and qualify for the WSB Green Jacket.

  • A Strong Meeting Mentality - It takes teamwork to build a strong meeting mentality represented by having 30 committed members to the meeting - the beginning of a big business.
  • A Strong Baseshop - A strong base will lead to a strong superbase. Consistent performance every month is the making of a solid foundation. The Green Jacket maintains this through building and duplicating GX trainers.
  • A Strong Expansion - A Green Jacket must be a strong trainer, leading by example, to build long distances and expand to multiple locations.


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