WSB Diversity Video Submission

If you're on this page, then you're looking to contribute a clip for an upcoming WSB Diversity video!

The following are questions that will help craft the narrative. Please keep in mind to repeat the nature of the question in your answer (ie Why is financial literacy import to you? Financial Literacy is important to me because...)

  1. What is your name and occupation?
  2. Why is financial literacy important to you? Why is it important to the Black/African American community?
  3. What has WSB done for you? For your family?
  4. What does it mean to be financially free? How do we get the Black community to become financially free? What will it take?


Please consider the following:

  • Proper lighting, clean area / background, professionally dressed
  • Please keep your video 1-2 minutes long, you can submit multiple files if you like. This will keep file sizes smaller.
  • Please repeat the question back when you answer. Example: What is your name and occupation? "My name is... and I am a... "