Italy Photo Book Picture Submission

Share Your Italy Experience!

About the Italy Photo Book:
1) Please submit only one (1) photo per member! Re-name the file with your full name. Upload it using the form on the right.

2) Submissions are due by 5/12/17, 12pm PST.

3) We'll do our best to include everyone, but there's no guarantee! We'll review pictures on a first submitted, first included basis. Thank you for understanding!

4) If you have incredible pictures you'd like to share, please share them in a link via email.

General Photo Tips:
Not just of your "best side", but we would like your photos to be shown at its best too!

1) Please send the highest resolution possible. Sending photos from your phone is okay, as long as you're sending the original photo and not a reduced size. In general, photos that are greater than 2MB are good for print.

2) Give us something fun! Sitting and smiling is nice, but candids moments can speak volumes. Jumping, dancing, interacting with the scene is preferred.

3) Please do not submit a collage of photos.


Thank you for submitting all of your photos, and making this one of the most memorable trips WSB has ever experienced!