What do I type in for “Reference Code”?

  • Please talk to the person who invited you to obtain this information. 


Wrong email address entered?


Didn’t receive email confirmation?

  • Upon completion, you should receive an email immediately (if all information was entered correctly). Remember to check your “Social”, “Promotions”, or “Spam” folders. If you did not receive one, please email WSB Events (events@worldsystembuilder.com).


Difference between Guest vs. All-Access?

  • Guest ($5)
    • Friday Workshops and Saturday AM sessions ONLY


  • All-Access ($25)
    • Access to the entire event 

*Champagne for the Campaign = Qualifying Event for MDs+*

**Talk to Leadership and/or Management team for details**


Buying for someone else?

You can purchase as many tickets for as many people as you like. The requirements:

  • One ticket per order
  • Cannot use the “same” email twice (one email = one ticket)
  • Enter in “guest” details within the “Registrant Information” section (name, email, etc.)

Can I purchase multiple tickets using the same email?

Only one email is allowed per registration. Duplicate emails will not be able to register again. 


For current WSB team members, is there an affiliate link?

  • Unfortunately, this option will not be available for this event. However, if you are an agent and have access to a 30x30 Counter account, you can login to your dashboard to see your registration list!


Why can’t I see a registrant in my 30X30 Counter?

  • Please check to make sure the guest and/or team member has entered in your agent/reference code correctly
  • Please make sure that your 30x30 Counter account is set up correctly (your unique link vs. general generic link)
  • Please ensure that all agents have created their own link/account


As an agent, here is a breakdown of what registrations you will be able to see (given all above conditions met) in your counter according to your level:

  • MD & Below
    • Personal guests (must use your reference code)
  • SMD
    • All registrations within Net SMD Base
  • CEO
    • All registrations within Net CEO Base


Please note that the data is not updated live. We refresh the data at 5pm PT daily.

For further assistance regarding incorrect info entered during the Registration process, please contact WSB Events (events@worldsystembuilder.com).


For errors in the WSB 30x30 Counter, please contact WSB ADMIN (admin@worldsystembuilder.com


Please stay up to date with this FAQ as we roll out more features!