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Financial Literacy Campaign locations

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Let's capture all the wonderful places we've been able to make an impact for our Financial Literacy Campaign! Dropping off a SYF book is one thing, but being able to present a Workshop, SYF presentation or flip chart in a company, organization, school, etc. means so much more.

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Video Submissions

General Video Tips:
We can't wait to see your videos! While being creative and having fun, there are some general tips to keep in mind to make your video better, and approval smoother.

1) Do NOT use copyright material without proper legal permission!

2) Do NOT use copyright music without proper legal permission!

3) If you want music in your videos, free music can be used. Check out YouTube's Free Music. You can also purchase music from stock media sites.

4) If a language other than English is spoken in your video, you will need proper attestation (a qualifying document from a 3rd party translation service).

5) Do NOT say anything too promissory! Example: "This is going to make you a millionaire."

6) Do NOT post your video on public sites (ie. YouTube) unless it's approved by the WFG Compliance department. Please review WFG Compliance guidelines.