world system builder

& the national financial literacy campaign

Unfortunately WFG along with WSB has decided to cancel this event due to the current Covid-19 pandemic. For refunds and other information please contact or visit WFG's website. Thank you for continued support.

thomas & mack center

las vegas - june 23-27

goal: 20k!

WSB is ready to soar into Las Vegas as "C20,000" - boldly declaring to have 20K in attendance at C20!

Let's shatter records. Let's empower more families than we've ever done before. Let's move 20k to an event that promotes financial literacy for all, so that your family and future families can win!

2020 and Beyond!

2020 marks a banner year as we close on our goal of 1 Million financially educated families! At C20, we'll unveil the next phase of the Financial Literacy Campaign, the campaign's triumphs, your achievements, and your role in the future ahead!


From the WSB Community Awards to company promotions, we'll be celebrating your contributions to the campaign! Walk across stage with your family during our MD + SMD parade! Let's recognize your hard work and achievements for helping and educating families, and celebrate YOU!


Let your declaration be heard! Solidify your commitment to win by standing with other campaigners, declaring your intentions, and completing your goal!


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