How do I know if I'm using MY campaigner link?

When adding someone to the counter, it’s best to verify that you’re using YOUR campaigner link. When on your campaigner link, you’ll see your agent code on the bottom of the page, just above the disclosure, in grey.

Do I need a user account in order to make entries into the counter?

No – you do NOT need access to the account to make entries into the counter. You only need a campaigner link to make entries. To REVIEW those entries, you’ll need a user account.

Do i need to create a link to register for a user account?

There are two prerequisites to successfully obtaining your user account: 1) you must have a campaigner link; 2) you must have access to your email on myWFG.

What if we have an agent code in both US and Canada?

The counter is used for a multitude of purposes. It is recommended that you log all of your campaign contacts into one agent code.

What's the difference between adding to the Counter and Activities?

Simply put: the Counter is tallying the total number of unique people financially educated (via unique email). It is IMPORTANT THAT YOU USE A UNIQUE EMAIL FOR EACH PERSON. An “activity” is HOW they’re added to the counter and how you follow up (became a new campaigner, opened a solution, SYF shared with them, and/or saw a workshop or presentation). So you may enter people into the system multiple times to log activities. No matter how many times they’re entered, they will only count once toward being financially educated.

Is there a way to retrieve my campaigner link?

If you have a user account, your campaigner link is accessible on the user account page. You may also re-create the campaigner link using the same information as you did before.

User Account Page

Do you see your personal and base shop info?

When you log into your user account, you will see all of your personal contacts. If you are an SMD or CEO (and provided that your campaigner had used your correct agent code), you will be able to see your teammate’s contacts. Both are NET SMD and NET CEO views.

Additional things you will see:
– Your unique campaigner link
– Total Financially Educated Overall (personal)
– Total Financially Educated for the current month (personal)

Why are some of my or my team's entries missing?

Entries may be “missing” because a campaigner link was not used or a campaigner link was incorrectly created.

– Make sure you’re using your campaigner link every time you make an entry. You can verify if your agent code is noted in grey at the top and bottom of the page (in grey). An entry has been successfully added when a little confirmation window appears after submitting it. If you’re not able to view your entries, please send a list of names / emails to admin@worldsystembuilder.com.

– If you can see your teammate’s entries, verify with the team member that your SMD/CEO code shows up properly in their view. Please send an email to admin@worldsystembuilder.com with the agent’s info (name, agent code, SMD, CEO).

I'm a newly promoted SMD or CEO. Can I now see my team's entries?

Congrats on your promotion! Both SMDs and CEOs can see their NET team’s entries. Click here to request the update.

Please note, that only entries made on or after your promotion date will be updated. The WSB Staff will update your team’s campaigner links and any entries made between your promotion date and now. It’ll be your responsibility to inform your team to use the updated campaigner link noted on their account page.

Email Confirmation / Privacy

Is the information entered secure?

Yes – the data connection is secure. Most browsers will note this with a lock icon in the web address / URL field.

Does the counter increase even if the email was not confirmed?

Yes – the counter increases as soon as they are added. Counts are based on unique email addresses. Even if they do not confirm their email, they will still be added to the counter.

What happens when they confirm via the link in the email?

When they confirm their email, they are confirming to receive periodic emails from WSB whether from the campaigner (trainer or trainee) or from WSB staff. As of the moment, WSB only has plans to send periodic emails regarding a progress status on the 30-by-30 campaign.

Will they receive other emails from third party organizations / companies?

No – WSB does not sell information to any third party organizations or affiliates. They will not receive emails from third party organizations as a result of confirming their email address for the campaign.

Will they get another email when entered in twice?

At the moment, whenever an email is entered into the counter, they will receive an email. The newly Trainer/Trainee fields eliminates the need to enter in someone twice. In the case where they were entered in as a workshops attendee (for example), and then later entered because they joined as a campaigner, they will receive two emails (one for each time they were added).

Trainer / Trainee

If I bring someone to a workshop, does the workshop instructor also receive credit as a Trainer?

In general, workshop instructors do not receive credit for attendees unless they were directly involved with the attendee (helping you invite that person, following up with that person, etc) – hence being a Trainer.

What if the Trainer / Trainee is not in your team?

Of course, this is okay! For any instance added to the counter, note the appropriate Trainer/Trainee regardless of the team. We’re focused on who gets financially educated and how.

What if there are multiple Trainers or Trainees?

Credit will be recorded to 1 Trainer and 1 Trainee per financially educated person. Please work out who those would be if there is a situation with multiple Trainer/Trainees.