WSB Event Disclosure

Considering recent events, we encourage you to take care of your health first. If you or fellow teammates do not feel well, please rest, recover, and get well at home. With that said, please carefully review our WSB Trainer Academy event disclosures.

Admittance. Your registration entitles you admittance to the WSB Trainer Academy. All other costs associated with your attendance (including but not limited to travel and accommodation expenses) shall be borne solely by you. World System Builder (WSB) shall not be liable for such costs.

Use of Likeness. By attending WSB Trainer Academy you acknowledge and agree to grant WSB the right at Trainer Academy to photograph or capture your likeness for use and publish video and/or photographs in any manner or medium without any further approval from or compensation to you. This grant to WSB includes, but is not limited to, the right to edit, use the media alone or together with other information, and allow others to use or disseminate the media.


Refunds. Tickets are nonrefundable.

Liability, Hold Harmless, and Indemnification. You agree that neither the Trainer Academy facility nor WSB shall be liable for any claims, losses, damages, medical emergencies, sickness, death, injuries or liability which may be sustained by any person while traveling to or attending WSB Trainer Academy (including but not limited to any employee, or any other person or entity). You agree that you will hold harmless and indemnify WSB from any and all claims, including losses, damages, death, injuries, or liability (including but not limited to, reasonable attorney’s fees and costs) whether to property, person, or otherwise, that arise while participating in the event.