own the run.

introducing the

wsb cross-trainer

crush the campaign

Get running and help educate families. Bring the gift of financial education and provide the right solutions to help people get across that finish line.

sprint the system

Help families over the next 3 month period (Sept, Oct, Nov) and earn your WSB Cross-trainers.

Complete either:

Giants Level 1 Personal (2C / 10k) each month for the 3-month period (Sept, Oct, Nov)

- OR -

A total of 8C / 40k over the 3-month period (Sept, Oct, Nov)

* Sponsored by participating CEOs. Eligibility at the discretion of WSB leadership and/or staff. Sample designs are shown. Final design subject to change.

How many team members will you have at WSB Nationals sporting their Cross-trainers?

make a GIANT leap

Hurdles may continue to challenge the year but set yourself to finish strong. Build consistency, predictability, and get a jump on 2021. Lace-up and prepare to win!

health + wealth

WSB is committed to developing strategies that help promote health and wealth. Both your physical and financial well-being can benefit from regular checkups and education. Together, we can build a happy, healthy, and prosperous community.

“The first wealth is health.”

- Ralph Waldo Emerson