For your convenience, we have added the below secure link to the WSB accommodations portal* to assist you with your lodging requirements. We encourage you to use this secure link to help us track the full economic impact of our events and assist us in securing the best venues in the best locations for future events. 


*Hotel options provided by Helms Briscoe.

What's the big deal? Why should I go through the portal to make my reservations?

  • It’s easy, convenient and secure. This portal was successfully debuted for our G22 conference in Ft. Worth, TX at Dickies Arena. The feedback was positive and some attendees reported that they were able to get advantageous room rates and pricing much better than securing reservations through alternate means. Our attendees utilized 47 different hotels reserved through the link. The lodging options are listed according to proximity to the event venue and have been carefully vetted and reviewed, and are listed in order of proximity to the chosen conference venue location. The link is secure for using a credit card to guarantee your reservation(s) and allows you to make your selection by room type and other information needed for securing your accommodations. 


Why should I use this portal instead of just booking an AirBnB? 

  •  In past years, AirBNBs have been very popular with our attendees for cost savings and convenience. However, many attendees have had a much better experience with a hotel stay for several reasons: 
    • A more standardized guest stay experience, 
    • Better networking experience with other attendees in the common areas, lobby and breakfast rooms. 
    • Tighter safety and security through a main entrance and accommodations with a lockable door, reliable large capacity wi-fi in guest rooms and common areas.  
    • Responsive WSB Lodging Help desk will respond quickly to your needs and questions before, during and after the conference. We will advocate for you to insure that your needs are being met. 


What do I do if I want to reserve 10 rooms or more? 

  •  Please e-mail us at with your requirements and contact information with the best time to reach you and we will be happy to assist you at no additional charge. 


Will I be able to cancel if I make a reservation through this portal? 

  • Yes. In the unfortunate event that you have to cancel your reservations, we prefer you cancel through the reservations portal but you may also cancel directly with the hotel. If you do so, please let us know so that we can take you out of our system as well.


How does WSB benefit from attendees going through the portal? 

  •  The portal keeps a record of your stay and helps us track accommodations usage and the value that we bring to a city when we choose to hold our event there. Cities will offer incentives and make themselves more attractive to us as a group - it will help us make the best choices in contracting locations for our future events.